How packages work in DoTimely


Service Pack / Package

A package is a collection of specific count of a service. For instance, if you have a service 15-minute Solo Walk, you can have a pack of 20 Solo Walks for 15 minutes. Usually packages are offered at a discounted rate than the individual purchased services.

How do Packages work?

A user with proper permissions can add a package for a customer. Once a package is added for a customer an invoice for the package purchase transaction is created. Future appointments or existing appointments can be redeemed against that package.
When an appointment for a service for which a package has been purchased is completed it automatically reduces the package’s remaining balance and is added to the Invoice created for the package purchase. You can also manually add or remove scheduled services from a package via the link /unlink page.

Package Invoice

Package Invoice

All the services associated with a package are set to a price of zero. Only appointments with the same service as the package can be added to the package. The invoice for the package is created as soon as its purchased by the customer or added by the business.

Link or Unlink Appointments

Appointments can be linked to package manually also. This is useful when you are adding already scheduled appointment to a package that has been purchased after the appointments were scheduled.
You can also manually unlink appointments from a package. This gives you complete flexibility in managing which appointments need to be associated with a package.

Package Report

From the package report you can view current and historical package purchases for a customer and see the appointments associated with that package. To view the remaining appointments for an active package you can see it either in the package report or in the active packages page.

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